TESDA Accredited Programs at Oxfordian Colleges

TESDA Accredited Programs at Oxfordian Colleges

TESDA Accredited Programs at Oxfordian Colleges, When you think of Oxfordian Colleges, you think of excellence and pride. They are proud to call themselves Oxfordian Proud and their programs are designed with specific industry needs in mind. Oxfordian Colleges offer more than just a bachelor’s degree, however. In fact, they specialize in high growth fields and have tailored their programs to meet these needs. You can expect a highly-demanded career after graduating from one of their programs.

TESDA courses

TESDA accredited schools usually have blue walls and gates. Moreover, they have an inverted pyramid design on their buildings. To know the exact schedule, check their websites or contact them. Students who are interested in TESDA accredited schools are required to have a high school diploma and a valid id. They can take the national certification exam once they have completed the course. If you are a working professional, you can also take the course at your own pace.

TESDA offers several courses in the Philippines, including vocational training. To enroll in a course, aspiring students must have completed high school. Those who are still pursuing their undergraduate studies should return to secondary school. Those who have finished secondary school may enroll in TESDA-accredited colleges. Once they graduate, they can then move to the next level. These courses are highly affordable, and they can be completed within a couple of months.

TESDA registered programs

Oxford Colleges offers accredited graduate and undergraduate degree programs and short technical-vocational courses. Courses offered include culinary arts, commercial cooking, bartending, and food and beverage services. Other courses include computer hardware servicing, housekeeping, and pastry production. The Colleges are accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. The Colleges’ staff have the skills and knowledge to help students achieve their dreams.

TESDA registered programs offered by Oxfordian Colleges

The Oxfordian Colleges, Inc. offer several TESDA-registered courses for students. These programs are designed to train individuals for a variety of jobs. You can choose a program to specialize in food and beverage services or a healthcare field. For example, if you want to learn how to repair, service, and replace batteries for mobile phones, you should take a cellphone servicing course. The increased number of new vehicles in the country is also creating jobs in automotive services and repair. Construction industries are also hiring individuals with trades training.

TESDA is the government body that regulates technical training. There are four main training modalities, which are direct training, bundled courses, and apprenticeship programs. These are provided by local and state universities, TESDA Technology Institutions, and LGU-run training centers. Under TESDA’s Free TVET program, students are provided with a daily allowance of P160 for each training day and are provided with national competency assessment, a starter toolkit, and accident insurance.

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