Miles City Public Schools - What You Need to Know

Miles City Public Schools – What You Need to Know

Miles City Public Schools – What You Need to Know, Are you thinking of sending your child to school in Miles City? Perhaps you are concerned about the cost of tuition at Custer County District High School. Here’s some information about the school district’s revenue and spending per student. You might also want to consider enrolling your child in Lincoln School. But how much should you spend on a high school education? How much does Custer County spend per student? How does that compare to what Miles City Elementary School District spends?

Lincoln School

If you’re looking for a private school in Miles City, Montana, you should check out the Lincoln School. Located at 112 W. Lincoln Street, it has been a favorite among Miles City residents since 1889. This school offers many perks, including a 1:1 technology initiative and project-based learning. Its Vision Statement encourages students to think creatively and critically. In fact, the school has an AP program which allows students to take college courses without attending university.

In a recent study, Lincoln School ranked in the bottom 50% of all Montana schools for reading proficiency and math proficiency, and in the top 50% for overall test scores. (Maine’s average is 43% for these two subjects, so Lincoln School’s performance is significantly better). Its student-teacher ratio is 16:1, with only 17.0 students per teacher. While this might not sound like much, this is still significantly higher than the state average of 12.

Custer County District High School

If you’re looking for a public high school in Miles City, Montana, look no further than Custer County District High School. This high school is a part of the Custer County School District and serves approximately 537 students in grades 9-12. The school is highly rated, with a student teacher ratio of 16.9 to 1. Students who attend Custer County District High School will participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and 13 varsity sports, including football, basketball, and baseball.

Custer County District High School is one of the public high schools in the area, employing 34.2 full-time educators. While it may seem intimidating to consider the distance to get to school, it’s important to consider the benefits of this high school and the educational opportunities it offers. This school has a low enrollment of minority students and boasts a high percentage of American Indian students. The school has been in the same location for the past five years, which is encouraging.

Custer County District High School’s revenue/student

The district provides high-quality education for children, but it is not without its challenges. Custer County District High School employs 34.2 full-time teachers and is ranked #1 among high schools in the state. The school district spends nearly $5 million per student and has a 91.9% white student body. It also serves 3.5% students of Hispanic/Latino descent, 0.8% students of American Indian or Alaska Native descent, and 0% non-specified.

Custer County District High School raises nearly $20k per year by holding annual phone-a-thons. Students manning these telephones raise money for the school district. About half of the money is invested in a general endowment and half is given out in scholarships to graduating seniors. The community also contributes in various amounts, ranging from $2 to $1,000. This money allows the school to provide educational aid for students in need.

Miles City Elementary School District’s spending/student

The school district that employs Highland Park School has an average spending/students ratio of $9,208. This number is the 2nd highest for the two elementary schools in the Miles City Elementary School District. The data used to determine these figures are from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, and the Census Bureau. It also uses data provided by the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

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