How to Register Online for Cape Cod Community College

How to Register Online for Cape Cod Community College

How to Register Online for Cape Cod Community College, If you are considering attending Cape Cod Community College, you need to know how to register online. There are a few things you should know before you start your college education. Here are some tips for getting registered online:


A free COVID-19 vaccination is now available at the Georgia Piedmont Technical College in Covington. The site will be at 8100 Bob Williams Parkway. The vaccine is recommended for ages 16 and older, and a large portion of the community attends classes there. This new vaccination site is a welcome addition to the community. Gwinnett-Newton-Rockdale Health Department Director Dr. Audrey Arona is thankful for the new location.

Barnstable County

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the state has funded a project to provide free vaccinations for people living on the Cape. During the month of January, Cape Cod Community College plans to host 12 free COVID-19 vaccination clinics, three times a week at its West Barnstable campus. Vaccine clinics will also be held at the county’s other health clinics.

Cape Cod Community College

Barnstable County has continued to operate vaccination clinics on Cape Cod, including the one at Cape Cod Community College. The county will continue to fund regional vaccination sites in Falmouth, Eastham, Orleans, and Truro, and the vaccine clinic at the college will continue to operate. Those who are homebound are defined as older people, persons with a low income, or those with severe medical conditions. Anyone with concerns about the availability of vaccines should make an appointment for a test.

Need for online registration

There is a need for online registration for the Cape Cod community college vaccine clinic. The vaccine clinics are taking place on the Cape and in Barnstable County. The Cape Cod community college vaccine clinic is open to Phase 1 and 2 eligible individuals. Certain workers must be vaccinated. To register for the Cape Cod community college vaccine clinic, click here. Once you’ve registered online, you can visit the Cape Cod community college clinic on any day of the week.


The Department of Public Health has announced that two clinics are taking place on Cape Cod this week for those seeking vaccinations against the coronavirus. The Tuesday clinic will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the Wednesday clinic is from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Pfizer will provide the vaccines, but the public must schedule a second appointment. Those who are not able to get the vaccine through the county clinic will need to make a separate appointment.

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