How Status Solutions and Bark for Schools Collaborate to Keep Students and Teachers Safe Online

How Status Solutions and Bark for Schools Collaborate to Keep Students and Teachers Safe Online, A classroom management solution such as Bark for Schools gives educators and parents the power to keep their children safe in a digital learning environment. It monitors school-issued G-Suite or Office 365 accounts for potential dangers, such as cyberbullying and suicidal ideation. With alerts and a secure web portal, parents can monitor their children at any time of the day. Educators can share the alerts with parents for added peace of mind.

School-issued devices

The purpose of School-issued bark devices is to provide schools with real-time data on student activity and cyberbullying. Students and teachers can use the service to report suspicious behavior, such as rogue behavior, to administrators, who can respond to such alerts. The service can also help identify potential time-sensitive issues. Parents can also access the blog, which has helpful tips and advice for dealing with children on the internet.

Text messages

A Columbus, Ohio-based situational awareness company called Status Solutions recently announced its collaboration with the social media monitoring company Bark for schools. The collaboration enables schools to monitor the texts, emails, and other documents sent and received by students in their communities. The companies have a common goal: to protect the next generation of learners. They are offering this new technology to schools for free. As a result, students and parents can be assured that their children are safe.


School districts all over the United States can now use free school monitoring tools like Bark for Schools. Bark works with student Gmail and Office 365 accounts to detect potential problems and alert school administrators to them. The service monitors student accounts for signs of cyberbullying and other digital dangers. In 2018, Bark detected 1.2 million instances of cyberbullying. Among them were 140,000 communications about self-harm and suicidal ideation. Another 100 student conversations with online sexual predators were also identified. And the company says that in 2018, it detected 51 potential acts of violence.


After the tragic events at Parkland, Florida, Bark for Schools was founded to offer a no-cost alternative to keep children safe. The program’s web content filtering technology breaks the chain of causality in situations where kids might be exposed to potentially violent content. Michele Gay founded Safe and Sound Schools after the Sandy Hook massacre, and Bark for Schools is an extension of this mission. It’s not clear if it will become the standard method for all schools.

Web content filtering

Bark’s Terms of Service permit the sharing of anonymous aggregate data with third parties for marketing, academic, and survey purposes. It also permits the sharing of reports about the online behavior of children. Those reports may include personally identifiable information. Bark is a “School Official” and will comply with FERPA. However, some of Bark’s features are not suitable for school settings. Those with sensitive information should consider other options.

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