How Bark for Schools Helps Educators Keep Their Students Safe Online

How Bark for Schools Helps Educators Keep Their Students Safe Online

How Bark for Schools Helps Educators Keep Their Students Safe Online, With purposeful classroom management solutions like Bark for Schools, educators can monitor students’ digital activities and alert parents immediately to a potential problem. Bark can monitor G-Suite and Office 365 accounts and alert parents to student safety problems. It can detect suicidal ideation, cyberbullying, and other digital threats. With this powerful feature, parents can stay up-to-date on their child’s activity from home 24 hours a day.

Monitors texts, email, YouTube

One of the first ways to check on your kids is with a program called Bark for Schools. The app can monitor texts, emails, YouTube and other online activity from your student’s device. This service is free, but you must confirm your contact information and create a free account to access it. This program can flag issues for you and alert you of them so you can intervene. It’s not perfect, but it does a good job. The program flags inappropriate and threatening content and keeps you informed. However, this program only monitors school-issued devices.

Google Drive

The new program from Bark for schools uses Google Drive to monitor student activity and identify issues. It analyzes Google services like social media and email and alerts district administrators to possible issues. In its pilot phase, the program has already caught incidents of cyberbullying, abuse, and self-harm. Before the new program was implemented, SMUHSD monitored student Chromebooks using GoGuardian, a free app that gave teachers access to student sites like Google Workplaces. But due to concerns over the safety of the program, SMUHSD switched to Bark.

School-owned accounts

With school-owned accounts, teachers can monitor what their students are talking about online. The company filters student searches and blocks inappropriate content. The school or district controls the default settings of Bark for Schools. Parents and teachers can also set the level of surveillance of their students’ content. Bark for Schools offers a free trial to see how it works. It’s an effective way to keep students safe online. The company’s service is designed to help schools and educators monitor student usage and protect the school from cyberbullying and other problems.

Alerts parents

The free Bark for Schools Parent Portal lets you monitor student activity and flag issues. It requires just seven minutes to install and requires no ongoing maintenance, and provides free technical support. This application uses industry-leading machine-learning algorithms to monitor student Gmail messages, Gchat conversations, and Google Drive documents. It then notifies appropriate parties when problems are detected. The app has already caught multiple school shooting threats. Parents and educators need to come together to solve these issues, which can be difficult to do alone.

Alerts school administration

Bark uses advanced algorithms to detect online issues and notify school administration when they happen. The service monitors email, text messages, and 30+ social networking sites. It also lets schools share alert responsibility with parents, who can be more accessible during after-school hours and on weekends. Parents can set up free Bark for Schools Parent Portal accounts and begin receiving alerts on their kids’ accounts. In an emergency, parents can send out alerts to friends and family members so they can respond immediately.

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