Business and Secretarial Schools

Business and Secretarial Schools

Business and Secretarial Schools, The NAICS code for business and secretarial schools is 611410. This article will discuss the number of schools in the category, the courses they offer, and the costs. If you are in the market for a business degree, this industry may be an excellent choice. If you aren’t sure how to start, here are some tips. Read on to learn about what you can expect from your business and secretarial school program.

NAICS Code 611410 – Business and Secretarial Schools

The Education Services Sector is comprised of two subsectors: Colleges and Universities and Technical and Trade Schools. Colleges and universities offer academic programs in business education. Trade and technical schools provide training in computer repair and maintenance. Colleges and universities provide instruction to future workers. This NAICS Code category contains eighty-four establishments that employ over two thousand people. Each establishment provides instruction in various settings, such as in a classroom or in a real-life office.

Businesses and secretarial schools provide training to students interested in the business world. Many institutions offer classes in general office procedures and secretarial skills, and some offer specialized courses in areas like reception and communications. Students may attend classes in different locations or learn through correspondence, television, or the internet. Many of these programs require certification, so the skills are transferable. However, there are a few exceptions.

Number of schools

The growing need for a secretary and the demand for well-trained workers are two main factors contributing to the increased number of business and secretarial schools across the country. While secretarial and business administration positions have always been desirable, the rise of technology has given secretaries a wider administrative scope, making them an increasingly attractive career option for young, college-educated women. According to the Professional Secretaries International, a trade group based in Kansas City, Mo., 3,000 PSI members surveyed in 2011 revealed that a number of business and secretarial schools had grown significantly over the previous decade.

While business and secretarial schools are not as common as some other types of businesses, they are still important in the economy. In the United States, there are more than 400 such schools, each serving between one and four citizens. While the majority of these schools are relatively small, their combined number of employees is significant in terms of both training and education. This means that business and secretarial schools play a vital role in the national economy.

Courses offered

Many businesses and secretarial firms require employees with the required knowledge to perform certain tasks. These employees need to have knowledge of office equipment and software. These establishments offer courses in word processing, stenography, computer operations, reception, communications, and other clerical services. Depending on the location of the establishment, classes may be delivered in various settings, including correspondence, simulations, and television. The following are the courses offered by business and secretarial schools.

The importance of computer skills is increasingly recognized. Computers allow secretaries to do more than just typing, making the work more challenging and expanding their administrative responsibilities. In fact, studies conducted by the Professional Secretaries International, a trade group based in Kansas City, Mo., have revealed that more than half of secretaries use computers for their work. This change in technology has made the job attractive to younger college-educated women.


The cost of business and secretarial schools varies widely, depending on the school’s location and program offerings. Approximately 581 business and secretarial schools were operating in the United States in the mid-1990s. These schools accounted for $554 million in annual revenues and employed more than 10,900 people. The cost of business and secretarial schools varies widely, but there are some common factors that should be considered when comparing the prices of business and secretarial schools.

The number of independent business and secretarial schools in Washington, DC has declined substantially since the 1950s, and much of this education is now offered through local community colleges and universities. The industry has changed as well, as the duties of a secretary have expanded to include computerized business systems and advanced communications skills. Accredited secretarial schools in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area use personal computers, word processors, video-display terminals, and other modern technology in their programs.

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